Eco Smart International is a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Company. Over the past fifteen years we have devoted ourselves creating a sustainable business that makes Green concepts easy and affordable to hundreds of Eco Smart’s customers throughout the regions. Eco Smart has strategic partnership with world-class manufactures and industry experts for your large project applications and optimum solutions.
Air Quality Solution

Air Quality Solution

Eco Smart provide the most reliable, durable and energy-efficient Indoor Air Quality Solution for the safest and comfortable home and work environment. We being the prominent and reliable provider of air quality solution for the past 15+ years, deliver the best-in-class products and provide incomparable service for the best living standards. With our innovative range of products, we will help to remove the pesky contaminants, eliminates chemical odors, mold, smoke from cigarette, pet dander and cooking smoke and odors that affect the quality of the air inside your home and workplace. 

HVAC Solutions

HVAC Solutions

Eco Smart HVAC solutions improve your company’s bottom line by reducing your operational costs. Having an Eco Smart solution, you use products which would reduce carbon footprint and you would be doing your bit to reduce the negative impact to the environment.
Start saving money and environment by implementing Eco Smart’s innovative, energy efficient HVAC and Air Quality Solutions. 
Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Eco Smart offers extensive Water Treatment Methods for different applications to eliminate the particles of contaminates. All Eco Smart Water Treatment Technologies are cost-effective and can be used at any individual applications compatible with the Industrial Standards. You can get a significant savings by low operating cost, low energy consumption and durability

Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

Echo Smart is a leading Solar Power Solution provider for more than 15 years we are specializes in providing latest solar energy solutions for residential and commercial customers



Integrated Services


Eco Smart offers newsletters, technical bulletins and brochures for those who concerned about our renewable energy products and solutions for those who are intending to utilize the newest technology.

Eco Smart Extranet

Eco Smart enhances effective interaction with our inter-company staff, clients, distributors and dealers to optimize our support and services.


Eco Smart values ideas from our co-workers, customers and industry experts on our products and we thrust to be innovative in all our renewable energy solutions to give the finest quality products through our business success


There are many key points that have been contributed to the success of Eco Smart over the past 6 years business background in Renewable Energy.

Learning and Training

Eco Smart enhances effective interaction with our inter-company staff, clients, distributors and dealers to optimize our support and services.

Careers with Eco Smart

Eco Smart is committed to hiring, developing, and training a world-class and diverse workforce. Our workforce is composed of many nationalities with different values, beliefs and expertise

Customer Benefits with Eco Smart

Customer Benefits with Eco Smart

Eco Smart provides Ecologically Economic Solutions from our wide range of products globally with local engineering supports.

Eco Smart provides the highest level of workmanship so that your installation is efficient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

Over the past 15 years we provide innovative solutions throughout the world, in many prestigious projects. We are renowned for executing complex and fast-track projects.

Eco Smart is certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Company. Our care and support continue well beyond the installation of the systems.

Support and Services

Eco Smart offers comprehensive range of products and services. The key process technology enables us to deliver the expertise needs to attain success from a wide range of customized services to our clients, maximizing the reliability and efficiency for:

We serve through our Regional Offices and Branches or through our Distributors Network in the regions. Eco Smart has the passionate expertise needed to resolve your sustainable requirements at a competitive pricing with innovative technologies.

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